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    The Romantics is maintained wonderful acts from many celebrities like Katie Holmes who plays as Laura Rosen, Anna Paquin as Lila Hayes, Josh Duhamel as Tom, Malin Akerman as Tripler, Jeremy Strong as Pete, Candice Bergen as Augusta, Adam Brody as Jake, Elijah Wood as Chip Hayes, Dianna Agron as Minnow, Rebecca Lawrence as Weesie, can more.
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    At Mac's moms house, Mac and Charlie are riffling through old Christmas toys. Charlie amusingly gets lost within a game of Simon. The fact that was not amusing, was when Charlie and Mac were talking how they once did shave dogs, glue the fur constantly in their faces, then bash the dogs using a cave man stick. Granted, the stick looked staying inflatable, yet It's Always Sunny."bashing the dogs to bits," could have been a line left released.
    Turns out, Frank made his millions by stealing from his old business partner Eugene Hamilton (played by David Huddleston). Frank thinks that Eugene is dead, but Dennis recognises that he is alive.
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